The designer eye patches on this site are all the creative work of professional artists. Find out from DrPatch why and how these beautiful colorful patches work so well for both children and adults.

Having to wear an eye patch might have come as a shock when your doctor first prescribed it. Not to worry! Wearing one of ours is fun for children and like wearing designer clothing for adults!

The feedback from eyecare professionals and our customers has been enthusiastically supportive of the DrPatch approach to wearing patches. Click here to see they had to say.

The Design Team

All the creations found on this site are the work of an extraordinary group of professional designers. Learn more about them from the following brief summaries of their careers and unique qualities that set them apart.

designer-marc-serreMarc Serre
Marc Serre, an eye patch wearer himself, has been a graphic designer for over 16 years. He served as Creative Director at Epoxy and Creative Team Leader at Grapheme / Cossette. A co-founder of Kuizin in 2001, he continues to this day as its Creative Director. During his career he has worked for clients such as: Aluminerie Alouette, Fruits & Passion, Storm, the editions of Trécarré, Bombardier, Air Canada, Canada Post…
The quality of his achievements has been recognized by the Type Director’s Club of New York, the Creative Review in London, Graphic the Design & Advertising Competition of Communications Arts, the Lurz’s Archive magazine, the nationwide contest Graphex and many other international events.
Marc is also a member of the Board of Administration of the Association League of Designers of Quebec.
designer-christiane-beauregardChristiane Beauregard
Christiane Beauregard began her career as a designer for Radio-Canada.Her early work in television proved to have a distinct impact on her artistic evolution.
In the early 90s, she worked on a project that introduced her to the computer, which she’s adopted as the principal means of expressing her artistic creativity.
Christine has won several prizes and awards. Exhibitions throughout Canada and the USA have featured her work.
designer-jacques-laplanteJacques Laplante
Jacques Laplante grew up in a small coastal town in the Gaspé but now lives in the Laurentians.
As a child, he could always be found in a quiet corner reading a comic book or doodling with a Bic pen on whatever paper was at hand.
His studies in graphics sharpened his keen sense of composition and stoked his desire to push the limits of art. His unmistakable illustrations have enhanced the pages of both Quebec and foreign magazines.
designer-lyse-anne-royLyse-Anne Roy
Lyse-Anne Roy has worked in illustration and graphic design for more than 24 years.
She has received numerous national and international mentions for her work in the mediums she has mastered: acrylic on canvas, water color, and computer design.
Her philosophy that the graphic design adopted by a company speaks volumes of the quality of its work and service is straightforward and in perfect harmony with the ideals of DrPatch!

Interested in learning more about our designer eye patches or the team that created them? You can reach us by using the online form on the Contact Us page. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

The Design Concept

The concept of DrPatch Inc. is to offer uniquely attractive eye patches online for adults and children alike. For that reason, design plays a crucial role in the creation of each patch.

Lyse-Anne Roy, the site’s founder, has personally compiled a team of professional artists who play a vital role in the creation of each product.

Although no two designs are alike, they are all united by one common concept: to offer the customer a unique product. That means that you won’t find these creations anywhere else online; these designer eye patches are truly exclusive to our brand.

Why the Concept Works

Young or old, wearing an eye patch can be a difficult adjustment in anyone’s life. It is common to feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or even worried about the change to your appearance.

This is especially true for children who must wear an eye patch for medical reasons, whether temporarily or over a long period of time.

Choosing one of our unique designs for your eye patch is a simple way to gain confidence in the change to your appearance. It’s also an easy way to get children involved, and to give them a fun, empowered, and confident approach to wearing a patch.

That’s why the concept for designer eye patches works: it’s a simple way to add choice to a decision that’s often made out of medical necessity.

For full product information, and a detailed list of all the designer eye patches available visit this page.