Lazy eye exercises will help you recover from lazy eye, or amblyopia. No matter what form of treatment the doctor recommends, eye exercises will help to strengthen your eye muscles as part of your therapy program.

Speak to your doctor or healthcare specialist regarding what exercises are right for you. You may not always have to do a specific set of exercises as it will depend on each individual case.

For example, if your child was diagnosed early on and received treatment at an early stage, then there may not be any need for anything more than just eye drops or wearing an eye patch for a certain period of time.

Play video games Print coloring pages (Below!) Print visual games
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Of course, these exercises should support the main treatment and not replace it.

Eye Patches

Wearing an eye patch is probably the most recommended form of treatment, as it is safe and effective, not to mention affordable. The very act of wearing an eye patch itself can be considered as part of the exercise.

By covering the good eye with an eye patch, the lazy or amblyopic eye is forced to work harder and thus communicate with the brain. This whole process is seen as an exercise in itself.

Wearing the patch can also help to strengthen the eye muscles as well as help in the restoration of proper two-eyed vision. There may also be other exercises involved while wearing an eye patch.

Lazy eye exercise may involve working on puzzles with small print or playing video games! Here’s something that your kid will flip over. Imagine this scenario if you will: “Now Arthur, I want you to STOP doing your homework and play video games instead.” Arthur’s going to think he’s in Heaven!

Lazy eye exercises and vision therapy

Vision therapy or vision training is a part of the exercise program for lazy eyes designed to make the amblyopic eye work and focus properly.

With patience, effort, support and understanding, your child can gain the proper use of the eye. The gift of sight should never be taken away from any child. Please contact us if you have any issues regarding the use of eye patches you’ve purchased from us.

Download Free Coloring Pages and exercise your lazy eye

500_ill-exercice-laWhen combined with an eye patch, working with coloring pages is an effective way to build strength in a “lazy eye.” Staying within the lines, with only the weak eye exposed, trains it to become stronger.

You’ll find coloring ideal for children because they already see it as a fun thing to do. Exercises to improve eyesight are done in a joyful environment. Children will also better understand the importance of good eye care with coloring exercises.

Get started with your exercises now with free coloring pages from DrPatch Inc. All of our resources have been designed specifically for improving vision impairments, making them one of the most trusted methods available online.

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What’s your experience with coloring exercises? Or eye care exercises in general? Have you got a story you’d like to tell or that could help others? Leave us a comment below!

Where to start?

The eye problems above may require some corrective actions. We always advise you consult your doctor when you think something is wrong with your eyes. Over the years we also catalogued a number of ressources about eye treatments you can learn from.