Binocular Diplopia is where the brain is unable to combine the images from the right and left eyes into one picture. The brain tries to put the images together anyway, which results in double vision.

It can happen because of problems with the eye muscles, with the optic nerve, with the nerves controlling the muscles and many other issues. Often these problems will also lead to strabismus where you actually see how the eye is out of alignment.

An eye patch can be an important part of correcting this problem.

Seeing double can suggest any number of serious underlying conditions and so it is important that you speak to your eye care professional as soon as possible.

Binocular Diplopia And Strabismus

Strabismus is where the two eyes do not physically line up with each other. When this happens, the images they produce also don’t line up. This will cause double vision.

There are different kinds of strabismus for each of the directions that the affected eye can be turned in.

  • Horizontal diplopia is associated with esotropia and exotropia. They are conditions causing the eye to turn inward or outward respectively. It results in double images that are side by side
  • Vertical diplopia is associated with Hypertropia and Hypotropia. Where the eye is turned upward or downward. The double images it causes are one on top of the other.
  • Diagonal diplopia is when you experience both of the symptoms mentioned above at the same time.

Even when the two conditions are related, the double vision can disappear on its own, but the strabismus will not. The brain is able to suppress the image from one eye getting rid of the binocular diplopia; however the eye will still be out of alignment.

Diplopia Causes

There are several problems that can cause double vision. Many causes are shared with other eye problems. The most common is nerve damage, which can be simply genetic or caused by trauma. It can also be a result of diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

Muscle problems are the next most common cause of binocular diplopia. This is often shared with strabismus, because the muscle issues make it difficult for one or both eyes to align themselves. Graves Disease and Myasthenia Gravis can cause these kinds of muscle problems.

It is also possible to start having double vision after experiencing a stroke or other form of brain damage.

How Eye Patches Can Help

With binocular diplopia an eye patch may be included as part of your treatment plan or as a solution for more permanent symptoms. A patch can help by restricting input to one eye, thus preventing the brain from getting two different images.

Also there is our new “Frostee” patch. It blocks just enough light to relieve the symptoms while still allowing a comfortable amount of light to reach the patched eye.

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Where to start?

The eye problems above may require some corrective actions. We always advise you consult your doctor when you think something is wrong with your eyes. Over the years we also catalogued a number of ressources about eye treatments you can learn from.