What Customers Say…

Marie-Ève Flageole & Charlotte

We are the parent of a little 7 months old Charlotte. As soon as she was born, we noticed she had her eyes crossed. After consulting specialists, we learned that our little grasshopper suffered from hypermetropia, from strabismus, from Duane syndrome and from amblyopia… We left the CHUL hospital with a prescription for eyeglasses, a membership for the CHUL and an eye patch.

As parents, it was very difficult but we knew it was for her good. However, we had underestimated her older brother’s reaction: “Beurk, what’s that on her eye?” and “It’s too ugly, I don’t want to look at her.” That was much worse than a pair of eyeglasses or an eye patch, it was heartbreaking…

Luckily, grandma and grandpa remembered the beautiful invention they had seen on Dragon’s Den in Quebec! Now we needed to figure out if it would work for our 7 months old little girly. With the EXCELLENT customer service and the quality of their website, I immediately trusted them!

Results? It’s wonderful!

What did her brother have to say? “Wow she is so cute with her little bunny Charolominette!”

Everyone is happy! Thank you for this wonderful invention.

DrPatch is now tested and approved for 7 months old babies!

Sylvie Desrosiers & Cloé

“I love DrPatch because it doesn’t stick to my skin. I also love the colors and designs. I love that’s it’s reusable. Thaaaaank you! We love it – we love it – we love it!”

Marika Villemure

My daughter has been wearing DrPatch’s eyepatches for the last two months and her eye gained 5 lines and 100% of her 3D vision! Your eye patches are amazing! They are perfect at school! Our optometrist said she had never seen so much improvement in so little time!

There is even a director of another school saw my daughter and recommended your eye patches to a family from his school. It’s so cute even other students in her class are beginning to put stickers in their own eyeglasses! It goes far beyond my expectations, I was scared she’d get rejected and it’s the opposite!

You created a product that fulfills the need of parents and children suffering from these eye conditions. Thank you DrPatch!

Jennifer Waldren

A few years ago, my regular eye doctor detected an abnormality in my left eye.  I started seeing a specialist who revealed that I have central serous retinopathy.  Having my vision blurred in my left eye was very problematic for me because I am a musician, and reading music became increasingly difficult, especially when the manuscript is too small.  I struggled with elastic eye patches because they were cumbersome when I used them with my glasses.I am in my 40s, so it was frustrating trying to explain this to folks who asked about why I was patching.  It was even suggested that I cut out some vinyl tape to place over my left lense. After a lot of “pirate jokes”  and perusing several websites that sold different types of elastic patches, I finally found you and ordered your patches.  The designs were fun and unique!  I now have a choice of using the more conservative patches when it is appropriate but can also use the fun, colorful ones in my rehearsals.

Your product was truly a God send and it helped make a tough time a little easier for me.   Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!

Mélanie Wilcott, mother of Annabel Robitaille

“Hello Lyse-Anne. Following our meeting, I had Annabel start wearing a DrPatch eyepatch on her eyeglasses. She accepts it much more readily than one directly on the eye. As Annabel was only 20 months old when diagnosed with the rare CHARGE Syndrome, sticking anything on her face was such a hassle. She tore everything off and developed irritations and infections regularly. Since she started using your eyepatch, it’s been so much easier for the both of us. I realize that her weaker eye is strengthening even though I know that the iris malformation is always present. Here is Annabel’s website address (www.annabelrobitaille.com) as you had asked me. Any help to our family is especially welcome in our current situation … Thank you very much for your helping hand. I appreciate it each and every day! Have a good day!”


“Hello Lyse-Anne, I got the kit two hours ago. I tested it at once. It works very fine!!!. I will advertise for it, specially when visiting the oculist. Maybe there is a market here in Frankfurt / Germany. Thank you very much for your commitment and have a nice weekend.”

Jo Lindsey Farragher

“Thank you for contacting me as a past customer of your (adult) patches. Overall I have been very pleased with the product. Having said that I had a visual fields test at my local hospital in August and the Orthoptist was admiring them. I was singing your praises for personal service and speed of delivery, price and current choice and I gave her your details in case she wanted to pass them on to any other patients or order any sample packs for patients. I said I would be happy to speak to anyone – having used them first hand – who might be thinking of purchasing them here in Harrogate as they are far better than a frosted lens. People often used to treat me like I was retarded, but now I often get compliments! Many thanks and I’m sure I will be dealing with you again soon. Yours sincerely, Jo Farragher.”

Genny Dailey

“I purchased the eyepatches for my 7 year old grandson. Everything was perfect. The directions were easy to follow, we loved the designs, the bookmark to keep the patches on is great. Couldn’t be happier. This product needs to be known by more people and what about the eye doctors letting people know your product is available. I did not like the plain old patches he had been wearing. Other kids have even commented on how ‘cool’ they are!”

Angela Aguilar

“Dear DrPatch, I am writing you to thank you for selling your awesome patches. I have an older friend who had a mild stroke and her left eye became temporarily crossed. She was wearing a black eye patch around because she was so embarrassed. I found your eyepatches on Ebay and immediately knew they were what she needed. I sent them to her and she was ecstatic. Not only did she find them adorable, they made her feel like she was not standing out in a crowd, looking like a pirate and drawing more attention to her already touchy eye situation. Thank you Dr. Patch for making my friend feel better. You turned an embarrassing situation into a fun conversational piece. I appreciate it! Sincerely, Angela.”

Jean Patenaude, Retired (Granby, QC)

“Having vision problems myself, I was captivated by the products of DrPatch. I had never seen anything like it before. The fact that these occluders show fun and beautiful illustrations is an idea particularly original and, above all, very useful. It can truly improve the treatment process, especially with such a nice variety of images that are available.”

Michele Cole

Dear Lyse-Anne,

Dr.Patch is, quite simply, the best patch we’ve found and we’ve tried them all! Our daughter is 4 years old and needs a patch for her lazy eye. We live in the States and could not find any patches anywhere that were stylish, fun, fit her glasses or didn’t cause her discomfort. Dr. Patch offers “sticker” patches and what child doesn’t love stickers? They come in trendy, fun designs that our daughter loves to wear and show to her friends. They are easy to fit to any glasses and they stay in place. If you are looking for a great patch that your child will take to immediately….this is the one.

All the best,

Michele Cole (Westfield, NJ)

Madeleine & Charlotte

Dear Lyse-Anne,

Here are just a few words to let you know how all our family likes the new DrPatch solution.

On top of the comfort that the new silicone eye patch provides, our little Charlotte (4 years old) is very proud to show me everything she received: The exercise book, the motivating tracking booklet, the stories and of course all the beautiful designs she can stick on her glasses. She even chooses the color of her designs to match her cloths.

Her cousin thinks she is lucky. Stickers are so popular with young kids! Her friends are always curious to know which design she will be wearing that day. Other parents ask for information because Charlotte is not the only child around to suffer from lazy eye.

I wish all the best to DrPatch. Thank you so much for creating this product, fun and easy to wear. Having a good vision is so important. Charlotte’s vision improved since she began her treatment and it’s making her parents and grand-parents very happy.

Thank you.


Caroline & Mayka

Hi, my name is Caroline, I’m the mother of Mayka who just turned 5 years old and had to wear eye patches since she was 18 months old. […] She was so tired of wearing eye patches that were sticked on her skin that it was very easy to try this new solution. She like to decorate her eyeglasses with the cute stickers that she could pick herself!!! She also liked the exercise book and of course the tracking booklet in which she could complete the images. Anyways, it was a success for us! It also allowed us to get rid of the patches that stick on the skin which she didn’t even want to see at this point.

We really appreciate this new full occlusion eye patch from DrPatch and recommend it to other parents with children dealing with this condition. It’s a very nice soluton and it’s easy to use. Plus, it doesnt irritate the skin around the oeil and for Mayka this was very appreciated. […]

What Professionals Say…

 Lise Duchesne, Optician, Centre Visuel Lise Duchesne (Granby, QC)

dr_lise_duchesneAs an optician, I have been looking for eyepatches for my clients, but I was never satisfied with the existing products, until I discovered DrPatch. I was very impressed by this concept. We find these eye covers so interesting. They’re beautiful and amusing, and both children and adults are thrilled to wear them. Finally, something aesthetic and original, I am proud to offer them to my clients. Thank you, DrPatch!”


Dr Jean-Pierre Lagacé, Optométrist from the Quebec Optometrists Association, Montreal

Dr Jean-Pierre Lagacé

“DrPatch reusable eyepatches make life easy for optometrists and patients alike. The fact that the product is adhesive and reusable enables you to alternate the occlusion from one eye to the other. What’s more, the illustrations are very attractive, so children really like wearing these eyepatches in public. What a wonderful initiative on the part of DrPatch!

Ophtalmologist (Montreal, QC)

DrPatch eye patches have significant advantages over other types of patches. They’re smaller and are not placed on the skin, but rather on the glasses, without damaging them. Furthermore, they’re attractive. For these reasons, I plan to recommend them to my patients.”