Can Eye Patches Help?


Diplopia is the technical term for when you see two images of a single object. It’s more commonly known as double vision. Eye patches may be part of a treatment program.

It is a symptom that is usually associated with strabismus; however, it can be caused by a variety of eye problems. If it is a recurring problem it is very important that you contact your eyecare professional.

If ignored for extended periods of time the brain may resort to suppressing the image it receives from one eye. This can lead to amblyopia and become more and more difficult to correct the longer it is left untreated.

How It Works

Although double vision literally means seeing things in double, it can work in different ways.

Binocular diplopia is when both eyes need to be open to experience symptoms. It is the result of one or both eyes not focusing correctly on the same object. The brain receives two images that it can’t combine properly so it produces two images of some objects.

Monocular diplopia is caused by a defect in one eye, which goes away when that eye is closed. The double vision in one eye is caused by the eye acting like a prism, splitting the light in two.

Related Conditions

Seeing double is a very common symptom of strabismus, especially in adult strabismus. This is because strabismus causes the eyes not to be correctly aligned with one another.

The result of this is that both eyes receive different images leading to double vision. In children it is common for the brain to suppress one eye, relieving the symptom. In adults, suppression is difficult without the assistance of a patch.

Convergence insufficiency is a term meaning that it’s difficult to focus on objects up close. The unfocused objects will appear in double.

Corneal damage can cause monocular diplopia in rare cases when the damage acts the same way as cracks in the lenses of glasses.

A concussion can also have you seeing double temporarily, as can the side effects of certain medications.

Patching And Treatment

If your doctor-prescribed treatment program includes an eye patch, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. If it’s a DrPatch patch, children and adults alike find them such a joy to wear.

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Our new frosted patch (the “Frostee”) is specially designed to relieve double vision symptoms. It’s very discreet, and comfortable too because it still allows the eye to receive some light.

Where to start?

The eye problems above may require some corrective actions. We always advise you consult your doctor when you think something is wrong with your eyes. Over the years we also catalogued a number of ressources about eye treatments you can learn from.