Doing What’s Naturally Right

Learn more about natural eye care and how to incorporate these methods into your daily routine. Our online resources can help you with the proper natural care for your eyes.

If an eye patch is part of your eye care program, a natural thing to do is to use a colorful covering from DrPatch. Adults and children alike love the liveliness. It’s only natural!

If it’s a question of improving eyesight with medication, patches or so-called lazy eye exercises, you’ll want to do what’s naturally right for yourself. Please let us help whether it’s with colorful eye patches or exercises to improve eyesight, like these coloring pages.

The Importance of Eye Care

Taking proper care of our eyes is one of the most important things that we can do for our bodies. They are our gateway to the rest of the world, and one of the most significant methods of communicating with our surroundings.

That being said, many people forget or take for granted the importance of good eyesight. Unfortunately, it’s common to neglect changes in your vision or to put off medical treatment for vision impairments.

You can adopt a natural eye care routine to ensure that your most valuable asset is never neglected. These simple methods will help keep your eyes healthy and can help prevent the occurrence of long-term damage to your vision.

What is “Natural” Care for Eyes?

It is only natural to want to take care of your vision. However, your eyesight can deteriorate slowly over time making it difficult to realize that a problem exists. If a problem with your vision persists, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Natural care for the eyes is not exclusive to holistic methods of medicine, but rather the daily and annual routines that you should adopt to take better care of your eyes.

Therefore, natural eye care includes regular check-ups with your optometrist, wearing the correct prescription for your glasses or contacts, and possibly wearing an eye patch if you suffer from strabismus or amblyopia.

A natural care program also includes diet and exercises to improve eyesight. Avoiding foods you’re even slightly allergic to can sometimes help make you see better. A healthy diet just makes good overall sense.

Regularly turning your head away from your computer screen and looking off into the distance is such an easy thing to do. You can still keep your nose to the grindstone, just not your eyes!

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Learning And Doing More

On this page you’ll find a number of learning tools to help you find out more about taking proper care of your eyes. These resources have been designed for both adults and children to provide accurate information about different methods of eye care.

When you wear a patch as part of a strabismus or amblyopia treatment, it’s to force the weak eye to work harder and so strengthen it. But you can also be proactive and do exercises for a lazy eye.

A book of coloring pages is a great tool to strengthen the eyes. It’s also an excellent educational resource for children about the importance of good eye care.

Find out how your natural eye care routine fares with our free eye test. The detailed questionnaire can help you decide if you’re on the right track to a healthy eye care regimen. Take our free eyesight test now.

Do You Need To Wear A Patch?

If your treatment program includes an eyepatch, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Children and adults alike find DrPatch’s delightful patches such a joy to wear.

When you order an eyepatch kit from DrPatch, it includes a resealable storage bag, six reusable patches, adhesive cutout film, handy storage card and easy-to-use instructions.

You can conveniently buy online from the Ordering page. All credit card transactions are processed securely by PayPal, a name you can trust for online purchases. So you can start with a peace-of-mind purchase and finish with an untroubled eye patch treatment from DrPatch!

Where to start?

The eye problems above may require some corrective actions. We always advise you consult your doctor when you think something is wrong with your eyes. Over the years we also catalogued a number of ressources about eye treatments you can learn from.