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The reason we wear an eye patch when we have a lazy eye is to exercise it by preventing us to rely on the other eye to see. It’s important to remember that we are patching to deliberately train the eye. Of course, patching is good, however we can choose to become proactive about this and use other tools to support the patching treatment.

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3 reasons to use eye exercises for lazy eye

As we know by now, it’s always good to use additional tools to support our eye patching treatment. One way to do that is to encourage our child to draw and play other games that will require him to focus. Here’s why:

Games create an opportunity to spend quality time with our child

Spending time with our child while he exercises his lazy eye with games is great because he gets to feel our presence. It’s very comforting for children to feel we are there with them and they are not going through this alone.

Progress feels good

At first, it might be difficult for your child to draw correctly or play different games. However, after a while, he will get better and this will make him feel great about himself and encourage him to keep going.

Eye exercises are fun!

Who doesn’t enjoy drawing and playing games!? Exercises like these will distract your child from his eye patching treatment and lazy eye for a few minutes as he focuses on the game. It’s a GREAT way to get him to experience positive emotions while patching which can only help forging the habit and decrease future resistance.

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This is why, when I created the full DrPatch treatment kit, I made sure to include several games for children to amuse themselves with. Now you get to download those same eye exercises for free, simply by completing the form below!

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