1-slider-femme-1moEye patches can help improve a condition like amblyopia. Some people wear a patch on and off for years while others have to wear it permanently. Whatever your situation, we just might have a patch that’s right for you.

Our eye patching products:

Eye patches are very affordable and effective. Work closely with your doctor so that you can make an improvement in your condition. You can even get them in fun packs of various designs, something kids can really enjoy!

Patches For Many Reasons

There are many medical reasons that people, including children, wear patches. Amblyopia is probably the most well-known reason, but you could also wear one to recover from eye surgery.

An eye may be damaged or lost in an accident. It also might have an abnormal defect or perhaps might be damaged by illness. For many people, an eye covering is the logical answer.

People wear eye patches for other reasons: doing eye exercises on the advice of a doctor, using a microscope, practising archery, and so on. Whatever the use, with a DrPatch product, you’re doing it in style.

Kids And Patches

As a parent, you can help your child adapt to using an eye patch, whatever the medical condition may be. A child may need some support to gain confidence. That’s why kids eye patches are made to look like they’re fun.

Patches can be adhesive or non-adhesive. They come in dozens of designs with the child in mind. Patches are made to look “cool” so kids can have fun wearing them. Think of the games they’d play!

Perhaps the teacher at school could arrange a fun project where all kids get to make their own patch with cool designs. It might be a fun and NOISY time!


Eye Patches For Young And Old

It really does not matter how old you are. A patch is a great way to deal with an eye problem, whether it’s a temporary solution or a permanent one.

Even very young children wear patches. There are specific patches that are made for children who are under the age of two. In fact, there are even special frames (like glasses) that a baby can wear safely.

Try to look for hypoallergenic patches to reduce any skin irritation. If it does occur, it’s usually easy to treat with some kind of topical application.

An eye patch can be effective treatment for many conditions including amblyopia in children. Always work closely with a medical professional to get the best patch for your child. Remember to make it a fun time for them with lots of support and encouragement.