Total Occlusion

Discover this eye patch that completely blocks vision, giving the eye the experience of total occlusion. We developed this aesthetic product to make it as discreet as possible. We have designed something that is comfortable, safe, flexible, light, resistant, reusable, and easy to adjust any number of times.

Orthoptic Eye Patch Kit for Children

A medical eye patch is one thing… Wanting to wear it is another ! Our orthoptic eye patch kit is combined with our illustrated partial occlusion eye patches, they are a sure way to motivate your child to comply with his eye treatment !

Orthoptic Eye Patch Kit for Adults

Eye patches for adult's eye glasses proven to work better by nurturing selft-esteem ! This kit is all you need to finish your patch treatment discreetly and aesthetically ! The kit includes one DrPatch total occlusion silicone eyepatches, 2 self adhesive and reusable partial occlusion eye patch sheets and a cute little elastic band to ensure an effective treatment.

Total Occlusion Eye Patch Compliance Kit

Stylish eye patches and medical eye patches, a winning combination! We have developed a kit that will help kids participate actively in their own treatment. The kit includes :
- DrPatch total occlusion silicone eyepatches
- Self adhesive and reusable partial occlusion eye patch sheet,
- Treatment tracking booklet
- Cute DrPatch stuffed toy
- and more !

Visual Health Record for Patching

DrPatch’s visual health record is an ingenious tool to document and follow through on a vision treatment program. Doctor or patient, child or adult, it’s a delight to use, just like our famous eye patches !

Partial Occlusion Eye Patches

DrPatch’s partial occlusion eye patches positively transform the experience of orthoptic treatment.

Our completely opaque adhesive film is suitable for all types of glasses. It is fixed directly on the lens of the glasses but leaves no glue residue. Simply transfer the shape of the lens on the adhesive film, then cut it for a perfect adaptation to your glasses.


About Our Eye Patches,
A Mother’s True Account

There’s a heartwarming story behind our eye patches. Let’s hear it from Lyse-Anne Roy, the president of DrPatch Inc., as she tells how it all started with that first colorful eye covering she created for her own son Zacharie.


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Discover the testimonials of our many relieved customers !
I love DrPatch because it doesn’t stick to my skin. I also love the colors and designs. I love that’s it’s reusable.
We are the parent of a little 7 months old Charlotte. As soon as she was born, we noticed she had her eyes crossed. After consulting specialists, we learned that our little grasshopper suffered from hypermetropia, from strabismus, from Duane syndrome and from amblyopia… We left the CHUL hospital with a prescription for eyeglasses, a membership for the CHUL and an eye patch.
Marie-Ève Flageole & Charlotte
My daughter has been wearing DrPatch’s eyepatches for the last two months and her eye gained 5 lines and 100% of her 3D vision! Your eye patches are amazing! They are perfect at school! Our optometrist said she had never seen so much improvement in so little time!
Marika Villemure
A few years ago, my regular eye doctor detected an abnormality in my left eye. I started seeing a specialist who revealed that I have central serous retinopathy. Having my vision blurred in my left eye was very problematic for me because I am a musician, and reading music became increasingly difficult, especially when the manuscript is too small.
Jennifer Waldren

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