Your eyes deserve mackerel


After years of indifference, oily fish like mackerel have come back gradually to our supper plate. And that’s good news! We knew oily fish was good for our heart and blood vessels but now, the scientific community recognizes the protective properties of oily fish for maintaining our eye health.

A French study examined the effects of omega-3 on the development of AMD, the leading cause of visual disability in France for people over 50. The result: food supplements with longer-chain omega-3 fatty acids reduced by 68% the risk of developing neovascular AMD (for patients whose omega-3 levels had the greatest increase).

Since it contains 3g of omega-3 per 100g, mackerel is the food with the most omega-3, and it’s also a good source of vitamin B, vitamin D and essential minerals like selenium, iron and iodine.

If you’re not into oily fish, don’t worry: supplements like EyeMax can help you keep your eyes in good shape.

Source: Dr. Guy S.Duchemin, Gymnoculaire.

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