Adult amblyopia treatment – New controversial studies about treating amblyopia in adults


Can amblyopia still be treated in adults? It’s a question thousands would like answered and you can find countless articles all taking different stands and confusing us more and more on the matter.

The question remains: can adults suffering from their amblyopic eye benefit from an effective treatment or is this just wishful thinking?

Well, it was recently brought to my attention by Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A that dozens of new studies backed up the claim that amblyopia in grownups can indeed be treated. Age, it appears, has little impact on the effects on amblyopia treatments in general.

Studies on adult amblyopia treatment

For exemple, a first study entitled Management of anisometropic amblyopia in adults found that “Reversal of amblyopia was observed in 11 (73.33%) patients who felt more confident about performing tasks for which they had earlier considered themselves unsuitable.”

Another study on a much larger sample divided patients suffering from severe unilateral amblyopia into three different age groups to compare the efficacy of full-time occlusion therapy (wearing an eye patch) at different ages.

The results: 100% success in the 3-7 year group, 92.68% in the 8-12 year group and 97.22% in the 13-35 year group.

Should you look for an adult amblyopia treatment?

With as many studies pointing in the same direction, I think we can agree that if perfect recovery is not possible for everyone, at least some level of improvement is possible for most adults with amblyopia. If you have amblyopia, we recommend you talk with your doctor about a treatment program.

Hope you liked reading this article about adult amblyopia treatments. Please leave a comment to ask us any question you may have and share your personnal experience with us!

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