Eye patching and the power of words


There is no question about it, eye patching is a difficult process for everyone. As we all know, it is our job as parents to motivate our kids and encourage them to look at eye patching in a positive way. Our words, it appears, can have an extraordinary impact on our little loved ones – I would suggest they can even make the difference between failure and a successful treatment!

Eye opening isn’t it?

Here are a few ideas of encouraging phrases I liked from this blog filled with parenting solutions and resources:

“You should be proud of yourself!”

“Look at your improvement!”

“Your hard work is paying off!”

“Look how far you’ve come!”

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

“You make it look easy!”

“You’ve really got the hang of it!”

Can you imagine the smile on your little patcher’s face when he hears these encouraging words? I’m convinced they’ll pay off tenfolds– just like in the video!

Please leave your own ideas in the comments with other persevering parents just like you…

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