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An Online Eyesight Test For Kids And Adults

Be sure to take our simple online eyesight test. It can help detect vision impairments in yourself or your child. The test is free and you can do it right here by answering a few straightforward questions.

Even though our eye test is based on the work of two official optometrist associations, you should always use it in combination with regular consultations with your optometrist.

Fun visual test (more serious test below!)

Eye Test for Children

Up to 80% of information that children absorb is through their eyes. Therefore,

it’s clear that bad vision can have a large impact on a child’s performance at school. Unfortunately, vision impairments can be more difficult to detect than other physical illnesses.

A child’s eyes begin to develop most crucially between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. It’s at this time that the two eyes learn to coordinate and that the child can perceive 3D objects. In fact, from the age of 6 months the eyes themselves are as physically developed as in adults.

Since visual development begins at such an early age, an infant’s first visit to the optometrist should be at 6 months old. They should take a second eyesight test at the age of 3 to ensure that alignment and coordination are normal, and a final one at 5 years old to predict if vision is developing normally before they attend school.

Eye Test for Adults

Children should continue to visit their optometrist once a year after the age of 6, and do so each year into adulthood. Unfortunately, serious vision impairments are easier to treat from a young age which is why we recommend regular check-ups for infants and toddlers.

Detecting a vision problem, even at a later age, is the first step towards seeking medical treatment. If you think you may have impaired vision you should consult immediately with your eye professional, who will determine if you need an eye patch. Your doctor will be the one to know if DrPatch products are right for you.

Free Eyesight Test (Download pdf version)

Take this free eye test to see how your eyesight fares. The questions are those recommended by the British Columbia Association of Optometrists and the Association des Optométristes du Québec.

  1. Do you examine objects or read at a close distance?
  2. Are your eyes chronically red?
  3. Do you watch TV at a close distance (less than 6 feet)?
  4. Are your eyes tired or dry, or do they burn and water?
  5. Does squinting help you see at a distance?
  6. Do you rub your eyes on a regular basis?
  7. Is there an unusual movement in your eyes, such as one eye that shifts to the center or outside?
  8. Does covering one eye help you see better?
  9. Have you ever experienced double vision?
  10. Is it common for you to skip words or lines when reading?
  11. Do you inverse letters or numbers when reading?
  12. Do you bump into objects or have trouble with eye-hand-body coordination?
  13. Do you suffer from headaches, especially when using a computer?
  14. Is your vision more impaired at night?

Eyesight Test Results

If you answered “Yes” for 5 to 14 questions: You or your child appear to have a vision problem. Consult with your optometrist immediately.

If you answered “Yes” for 1 to 4 questions: It is possible that you or your child have a vision problem. We recommend consulting with your optometrist.

If you answered “No” to all questions: You or your child seem to have good eyesight. You should still consult with your optometrist on an annual basis to have your eyes tested.

Online eye sight test source: British Columbia Association of Optometrists and the Association des Optométristes du Québec

Eyesight Test Means Patching?

If the test of your eyesight means you need to wear an eyepatch to strengthen a weak eye, we have a pleasant surprise for you. It’s DrPatch’s perfect patches!

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