Infant Vision Guidance: Fundamental Vision Development in Infancy

This paper reviews the general stages of infant vision development with specific emphasis on the environmental factors affecting the emergence of the basic vision functions (visual acuity, pursuits, saccades, binocularity, and visual perception). Vision guidance and optometric vision therapy activities are explained and demonstrated to educate and guide ...Continue Reading

Adult amblyopia treatment – New controversial studies about treating amblyopia in adults

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Can amblyopia still be treated in adults? It’s a question thousands would like answered and you can find countless articles all taking different stands and confusing us more and more on the matter. The question remains: can adults suffering from their amblyopic eye benefit from an effective treatment or is this just wishful thinking? Well, it was ...Continue Reading

Mind Blowing Visual Illusions


Are you familiar with Richard Wiseman? Richard began his working life as a professional magician and is now, without a doubt, the most followed British psychologist on Twitter. Oh and he loves creating videos with fun visual illusions! See for yourself... This one might surprise you... Keep watching till the end! Did he catch you off-guard? ...Continue Reading

(Video) Eating proper foods to improve vision with Dr. Pelletier

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In this video: What foods are essential for your visual system to function properly? How do you slow down or prevent macular degeneration and other serious eye conditions? Are carrots really what's best for your eyes? What types of foods should you avoid to keep your eye healthy? And plenty more... To learn more about Eye Foods, visit Dr. ...Continue Reading