7 Eye Patching Tips for a Successful Treatment


Having to wear an eye patch is not always an easy experience for children. Of course, it can challenging for parents too.

What to do? How to react?

As parents, our goal is that our child completes his treatment successfully. However, we don’t always know what is the best approach when it comes to eye patches.

Eye patching tips from parents like you!

Thankfully, you are not alone – other parents have been through eye patching treatments before you. The best thing you can do is to learn from their experience and use their eye patching tips which are proven to work.

In this short guide, we hand-picked the best tips and ideas to make eye patching easier for you and your child!

The best of eye patching tips for you and your child:

  • The one thing EVERY parent should do when their child begins patching
  • 5 tips to make eye patching more fun!
  • Effective tricks to eliminate resistance
  • Powerful motivational tactics
  • And even more clever ideas to facilitate the eye patching treatment!

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7 Easy Tips for a Successful Eye Patching Treatment!


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