Playing Video Games Like Tetris Could Cure Amblyopia


According to a recent study published in the BBC News, doctors at McGill University in Montreal, say they have found that tetris cure amblyopia adults. In a small study with 18 adults, the Tetris game has worked more effectively than traditional patches. Playing video games is more effective because it causes the eyes to work together.

Tetris-guerir-amblyopieDoctors hope that the game Tetris will treat amblyopia in adults and also in children. This eye condition characterized by poor vision in one eye, which is caused by a problem in brain development.

Current treatment is to prevent the healthy eye to see, forcing the weaker eye to work. This eye condition that begins in childhood, reaching 3-5% of people. If amblyopia is not treated it can lead to permanent loss of vision in the eye.

Dr. Robert Hess and colleagues from Montreal conducted the study with two groups of nine adults with amblyopia. The first group played Tetris all day for an hour for a period of two weeks. The second group played Tetris for the same period of time, but used the “method of traditional patch” where they put a blindfold over their good eye’s. Vision of the first group was significantly improved by the fact that both eyes working together.

In response to the results of the study, Hess said: “When the two eyes work together, we found that the vision improves” With the positive results of the study, the doctors who conducted the study, said that a number of video games could work other than Tetris.

Although this is a very small sample size, this study reveals interesting for further studies.


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